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Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment

Corporate Governance

Active ownership means using our scale and influence to bring about real, positive change to create sustainable investor value. Our latest report explains how we achieved this in 2016.

Three key areas of focus Three key areas of focus
Active Engagement

We are committed to holding boards to account, creating sustainable value and promoting market resilience on behalf of our clients.

The report is packed with case studies from companies and markets across the globe where we have driven positive long-term change. In 2016 we saw a particular focus on climate change, board diversity and executive pay.

If I can leave you with one thought around these environmental and social governance issues, it is that they are a part of long-term risk management and therefore a fundamental part of clients’ fiduciary duty.

Sacha Sadan,
Director of Corporate Governance

Active Engagement

Summary report

Read this bite-sized version of the full report for an overview of what we achieved for our clients last year.

Active Ownership - the full report

Featuring in-depth market reviews and company case studies, the full report showcases the extent of our engagement activities in 2016.

Climate change

Investors should see climate change as a risk, as well as an opportunity.

Climate Change

Executive remuneration

The pay gap between CEOs and their employees is getting wider – this needs to stop.

Executive Remuneration

Board accountability

Boardrooms need diverse voices and directors with the right skills.

Board Accountability


Being a good steward means working to protect and enhance long-term prospects for our clients.