How to optimise diversification to improve risk-adjusted returns

The prevailing environment of low interest rates in Europe means that investors cannot rely on government bonds alone for their traditional diversification benefits in a portfolio. They cannot discard the concept of portfolio diversification, though. Rather, they must redefine it to make it fit for purpose in a market where correlations change dynamically.

In this new paper, Legal & General Investment Management’s head of diversified strategies Martin Dietz uses cutting-edge visualisation tools to demonstrate both the subtle relationships that exist between asset classes and the sudden ways in which they can shift. To manage such risks, he highlights three practical ways to embed true diversification within portfolios.

Videos and Podcasts

Podcast: Allocate nimbly and diversify with purpose
It’s said that the only thing that goes up in falling markets is correlation. Diversification across uncorrelated assets, differentiated sources of returns, and foreign currency exposure can help provide natural risk hedges and still deliver the performance sought by investors. In this podcast we talk to Chris Teschmacher, Fund Manager and Duncan Weldon, Strategist, from the Legal & General Asset Allocation team, about why investors need to diversify with purpose and the importance nimble asset allocation.

Video: Improving risk-adjusted returns through diversification
Dr. Martin Dietz, Fund Manager, Head of Diversified Strategies joins Jenny Ellice to discuss why investors should consider diversification, what tools and approaches investors should use to build a diverse portfolio and how Legal & General Investment Management builds diversification into their own portfolios.


Pragmatic Indexing

Our proven philosophy, scale, expertise, and product breadth help to provide clients with the efficient indexing solutions they expect from a market-leading index manager. These index strategies are diversified by their nature, offering investors immediate access to hundreds or thousands of underlying securities across the equity, fixed income, commodity, and listed-alternative universes.

Passive Fixed Income

Our passive fixed-income capabilities offer investors access to a wide variety of different strategies to cover the full range of client needs. These include providing investors with efficient access not only to diversified government bond indices but also inflation-linked securities, emerging-market debt in both local and hard currencies, and duration-managed strategies.

Active Fixed Income

Our active fixed-income capabilities offer investors access to a wide variety of different strategies to cover the full range of client needs. Through these funds, clients can diversify the bond allocation in their portfolios not only geographically and across government and corporate issuers, but by different duration profiles and by currency.

Multi Asset

Our multi-asset funds provide investors with a diversified exposure to a broad range of markets. By investing in a range of asset classes, countries, sectors and currencies, investors can avoid the potentially adverse consequences of having a concentrated exposure in any one type of asset or driver of returns.

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