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Secure income assets:
new opportunities for a new decade

How secure income assets can help professional DB (defined benefit) pension schemes balance competing requirements for returns and cashflow on their journey to end-game.


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How our Secure Income Assets Fund aims to deliver stable, long-term cashflows from a diversified portfolio.

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Secure Income Assets Fund

Senior Real Estate Debt Fund

Investment Grade Infrastructure Debt Fund

Sub-Investment Grade Infrastructure Debt Fund

Investment Grade Private Corporate Debt Fund

Sub-Investment Grade Private Corporate debt Fund

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Mark Johnson
Head of Institutional Clients

Laura Brown
Head of Clients Solution Distribution

‘Secure income assets’ (“SIA”) identify cashflow outcomes from illiquid private asset classes, where the income stream often benefits from a range of contractual protections that enhance asset owners rights to maintain expected cashflows (for example, covenant protections, specific security or ring-fenced collateral). The contractual protections of a particular asset will depend on these terms and the financial strength of the counterparty. SIAs are held with the aim of producing a predictable income stream - this income stream is not guaranteed and there is no underwriting of income provided to the Fund.